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Why being a lesbian is the biggest blessing of my life

#IamElla Melissa Langley

Melissa Langley, 30, Blogger & Social Media Management, Austin, Texas, USA

#iamELLA because…. being a lesbian has been one of the biggest blessings in my life. Opportunity has found me simply because I love women.

As a femme lesbian I have always struggled with being taken seriously in the community that I love simply because I look straight.

When I started running my blog, LEZ BACKPACK, with my partner Constance, I began to feel the inclusion that I had always looked for.

Now because we are so open about our love, I have been able to present this to employers outwardly as an example of success in my career. Doing so has taken away my responsibility to come out all the time because they already know before meeting me. It’s been a huge relief.

Being a lesbian has also helped my career and given me more opportunities because I’m in such a niche market. Contrary to popular opinion, being out and proud has really advanced my career in ways it never would if I stayed in the closet.

Keep being you, you never know where it will take you!

Melissa Langley in Korea


Don’t focus on the future too much. If you’re looking too hard for love you might not find it. Love usually finds you when you’re not looking for it at all.

Your sexuality and gender expression will change with every partner and life experience. Be open to all the nuances of your beautiful self.

Melissa Langley in Kyoto, Japan


  1. I studied Chinese Language in University.

  2. I punched out a Korean guy at a beach bonfire when he asked me to hit him.

  3. I’ve slept in a sleeping bag on top of the Great Wall of China.

  4. I ran a half marathon through the DMZ in Korea.

  5. I modeled for a Korean T-shirt company in Busan, South Korea.

  6. I starred in a short film called “Bone Structure.”

  7. Eating too many lemons as a child left me with a small gap in my front teeth.

  8. I split open my chin trying to show off to a group of girls while intoxicated.

  9. Yes, I have slept with men but no, that doesn’t mean I’m straight.

  10. I struggle with body image issues but it doesn’t stop me from being successful!


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