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My life as a fearless lesbian

I am ELLA because I am a lesbian. I am fearless. I don’t need approval, I shape the world I want to live in.

DANIELLE ROGERS lame way lesbian

Danielle Rogers, 30, Owner of The LAME Way, Hampton, Virginia, USA

#iamELLA because….

I am an innovator in my thoughts and my actions. I recognize who I am and I have a desire to harness the power that comes with knowing yourself. Not only do I have a vision but I educate myself and believe I can change the world for some people and how some people are viewed by the world. I am ELLA because I dare to be myself without adhering to any roles or labels that may have been thrust upon me. I am ELLA because I am fearless. I am ELLA because I don’t need approval, I shape the world I want to live in.



Ironically I never technically came out. As if some things aren’t obvious like me being 30 years old and not having brought a guy around my family since high school. Or never mind the various girls they’ve met over the years. Just like with any other family there’s always those known unspoken things. I am currently in the process of writing my first book which has been the ultimate procrastination project because there’s so many things that will be laid on the table that have yet to be discussed. I started my business because I wanted a place for women like me to be able to shine, share their talents, and gifts while also having the opportunities to be understood by their peers and families.

I have a vision but I never really had a plan. The plan was simply to just put in the work, whatever the work may consist of at the time. Confidently and faithfully resting knowing that any opportunity that was meant for me would present itself. I’ve met so many people and and I have grown in so many ways since I first obtained my business license in 2012 and first launching my site in 2014. The LAME Way isn’t the anti-cool it’s pro-individuality. Cool tends to revolve around things deemed acceptable by a substantial amount of people. LAME is the willingness and the ability to stand out by simply being yourself and staying true to that. Finding others that effortlessly do the same and banding together for a greater good knowing that all of our strengths don’t mute that of another but more so compensate for what is lacking in the bigger picture. I believe adhering to this model will inevitably strengthen and grow our community.

Nothing gives me greater joy than building with like minds and seeing our dreams come true. There’s beauty and misunderstanding in the virtual world and I just want to be exude that which is beautiful and hopefully help a few things make sense to a few people. I’m a believer of infinite possibilities and serendipitous moments. Some say I’m a dreamer but my experiences now classify me as a doer. I am living my dreams and encouraging others to do the same. Everyday I’m still learning and I hope that I never lose the passion to do so. I want to create; make art (love included in that), support art, receive art, buy art, travel and share my experiences.

My generic advice for just about anyone is, be strong enough to withstand anything thrown at what you consider to be honorable and truthful pertaining to your character. Find something you live for and not so much the things you think you can’t live without. Nurture those things that make you feel alive be it your passion or your loved ones. Life won’t be perfect but you’ll always be able to see the good in the bad when you surround yourself by people who genuinely love and care for you. People sometimes think my positive mentality isn’t genuine because everyone has bad days. I’ve had bad days, months, and years where I did nothing but complain and question the Universe with the ever so common, “Why me?” Not only did my life get substantially worse but I was forced to hit a real bottom as opposed to the seemingly bad things I had gone been going through at the time. So why not give thanks and speak life into others. My positive mentality is a choice, if I can’t control what comes my way then why not have reign over some part of my life, the ways in which I react and what I choose to do with what life throws my way.

I am thankful for the courage to live my truth, I am humbled by the many ways that God and the Universe have met where I stood and carried me places I’ve never dreamed of going. I proclaim fearlessness over my life and the expansion of my territories to carry my message to untouched corners of the Earth. I desire to build with like minds and shape an industry that is ever present but needs a voice and unwavering support. Not only am I ELLA but ELLA is The LAME Way.

DANIELLE ROGERS and dolphin,


1. I have never been told ‘Oh but you don’t look like a lesbian’.

2. When I was going through a really rough time in my life I would watch Fade 2 Black and Purple Rain multiple times every day. I also would watch the 20th Anniversary DVD set of The Oprah Show. I couldn’t tell you why or how I was able to do that but I most definitely learned so many things that allowed me to change my life, start my own company, and push past my fears.

3. What is your mantra for life? Not a point to prove nor an argument to make. It came to me when I was in a really low place. I built and continue to sustain my company from that very mantra.

4. Favourite celebrity couple? I don’t really get into the idolizing or having relationship goals to mirror lives of celebrities. But if I had to pick one, I think it would be Pharrell and his wife Helen hands down.

5. I’m left handed.

6. I was on a live TV show when I was younger for kids to help other kids solve math problems that they called into the station about. I had to use the bathroom and wasn’t allowed to get up so I peed on myself on live TV.

7. I’ve eaten an octopus chip and kissed a dolphin.

8. I don’t like talking about myself so this is highly awkward for me.

9. I’m big on privacy but I’m very much in love.

10. I was told that I’m an introverted party animal. I simply would say I love to have a good time with people that I love and feel comfortable being around. I’m all about vibes.





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