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Meet fierce girl boss, Claudia Tejeda!


Claudia Tejeda

Claudia Tejeda | DJ, Producer and CEO of Clover Records | Málaga, Spain

What’s your connection to the ELLA Lesbian Festival?

“DESTINY is the word I would use to describe my participation in ELLA. It all started when performing in Mallorca at “La Suite Lesbian Party” in Kaelum Club. Everyone was having a great time, I felt an immediate connection to them and it was terrific! After the show Kristin Hansen, one of the organizers of the event, approached me to thank me and then suggested that I join ELLA Festival in September.

A few month later, the time came when I had to perform at the festival. There I was, all nervous but anxious at the same time to play for the Majorcan crowd. It was amazing; I have been working for 10 years in the electronic music industry and I have seen all kinds of events, people, promoters, managers etc… but the passion and hard work of Kristin Hansen and her team was inspiring. I believe ELLA is much more than a festival, it is a way to express yourself, to enjoy, to laugh and above all, it means taking pride in being a lesbian.

Since then, I started working closely with the festival to the point that I have participated in further editions. I have the feeling that because of the national and international ELLA pre party´s, the number of attendants to the festival has increased when compared to last year. Almost 2.000 women from all nationalities (Germany, USA, England…) have visited the island for this purpose.

Connecting with the crowds is what motivates me to join this festival every year. The emotions I experience are priceless.

At last, I do recommend women that wanna enjoy the Mediterranean lifestyle to travel to Mallorca for ELLA Festival. The food, the people, the culture… it is all worth it!”

What Are 5 Things No One Knows About you?

  1. I hate bugs! I panic when seeing them. It doesn’t matter the size, I have a “bugphobia”

  2. I am scared when flying; but I have to do it because of the music.

  3. I love Cuban music, salsa and all kinds of latin rhythms in general although when it comes to electronic music I am big fan of House, Tech House and Techno.

  4. I am a nerd. I love technology.

  5. I am a headstrong.

Describe your personality in a #hashtag

What does the Ella Festival mean to you?

Professional appreciation

Can you tell us what one of your tattoos mean?

“Everything happens for a reason”

“If music is the result of love, let it play”

Your favourite place to go clubbing?

If I have to choose one then I´ll go for Amnesia Ibiza.

Where did you do your first performance?

A discotheque named Salaya Coyote in Marbella.

If you weren’t a DJ what would you be doing?

Since I have just finished a bachelor in Architecture and Interior Design I would be working in that sector.

Relationship tips?

Always be patient and peaceful.

How long are you going to be in Mallorca for?

A few days.



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