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Behind the ELLA Festival Scenes with Lainey


Lainey Scott-Campbell

Lainey Scott-Campbell | Artist | Glasgow, Scotland | ELLA Festival

Tell us about yourself!

“Hi, I’m Lainey and I am a singer-songwriter from Glasgow, Scotland. I have been performing on my own and in various bands for about 10 years now. Music is an extremely important part of my life and I love to travel so I’m looking forward to sharing it with you and meeting new people!This is my first time at ELLA Festival and I am really excited! It has everything I love in one place – music, great food, sport, sun… I can’t wait! I have never been to a festival that does everything and on top of that is family friendly… A must for any lesbian!“

Describe your personality in a Hashtag


Describe your experience with coming out in 3 words

Everyone already knew!

Whats on your ipod at the moment?

Wolf Alice

Can you tell us what one of your tattoos mean?

I got one on my ankle to symbolize the end of my travels in Asia.

Where did you do your first performance?

Tchai Ovna – a tea-room in Glasgow!

How long are you going to be in Mallorca for?

1 week

What are 5 things no one knows about you?

1. I had a mo-hawk for two years – well actually I had three on my head so it was a Tri-Hawk! It made me feel taller…

2. I used to sell fruit on a Farmer’s Market in Colorado

3. I changed my name to Lainey because no-one could understand my real name – must of been my accent!

4. I hate to go back the same direction I came in, I like to go in a circle if I can – which once resulted in me nearly falling off a cliff and another time being chased by a pack of wild dogs!

5. My two mums were the first women to have a same-sex marriage in Scotland



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