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Get to know lesbian legend DJ Fride

“It’s really cool to be a lesbian!”

DJ Fride in CA

DJ Fride | Club Owner | Oslo, Norway

Hey lovely lesbian lady! Tell us about yourself

I am Dj Fride, I have been a Dj since 2001 and have played at multiple Prides and lesbian venues in Scandinavia. I own a lesbian bar in Oslo, SO, together with my sidekick and business partner, Vichy Ericsson. We also own a lesbian club concept, Club aweSOme, that we currently tour in Norway and Sweden. Our goal is visibility, high end parties and networking and to let everyone know that it’s really cool to be a lesbian. We just love it!

The Ella Festival reflects the work we are trying to do in Scandinavia, but on a broader scale. I think it’s immensely important to front that work. It’s our first time at the festival, but I don’t think it’s our last. I can’t wait to come down and see everyone have fun, play some music and make new friends.

DJ Fride at Spain’s best  lesbian festival

Describe your personality in a Hashtag:

Describe your experience with coming out in 3 words:

liberating, scary, lonely.

What do you look for in a holiday destination?

Everything, good beach, good food, wonderful people and most of all, relaxation.

What does Ella Festival mean to you?

I love the fact that Ella is a serious lesbian festival for all ages and interests. It reflects what we are trying to accomplish on an everyday basis in Oslo and Stockholm, and I think it’s really great.

Celebrity crush?

Robin Wright

Favourite lgbt film?

Blue is the Warmest Color

Whats on your ipod at the moment?

ipod? Do people still use those? Haha, But my Spotify is now playing Déjà vu – Giorgio Moroder feat Sia.

Can you tell us what one of your tattoos mean?


Who would you like to see perform at Ella Festival?

I want to see everything.

Favourite fashion brand?


Favourite food?


What’s your cocktail of choice?

Chili Martini

Best hang out for lesbians?

SO in Oslo, Norway

Your favourite place to go clubbing?

Club aweSOme

Where did you do your first performance?

At Bitch Girl in Oslo

Relationship tips?

Stay true, have fun and add a lot of love.

How long are you going to be in Mallorca for?

Almost one week.

Any favourite places to go when you are in Mallorca?

Es Trenc, the most beautiful beach.

What else is on your itinerary for Mallorca?

Well, I’m bringing my sidekick, Vichy, and we just want to experience Ella, and make some fun for people coming. It’s going to be great.



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