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Equal Marriage reaches Ireland

Love is Love | Ireland makes history

Lesbian women celebrate in Ireland

Pioneering a social revolution, Ireland may be a small nation, but it made a monumental and unforgettable decision that will pave the way for a global change towards equality.

On Friday May 22nd 2015, the people of Ireland voted in a national referendum to introduce same-sex marriage and make Love the Law.

A landslide result of 62.1% of Ireland said ‘Yes’ to same-sex marriage and stood up against discrimination.

The official result was declared at Dublin Castle shortly before 7pm on Saturday evening. Ireland has shown it is a nation of decency, compassion, and equality.

Reacting to the result, Taoiseach Enda Kenny said “Gone are the dark clouds that had me down, it’s gonna be a bright, bright shiny day”.

Irish LGBT legend Panti Bliss, said: “It’s an incredible day that even two years we could not have even dared to imagine.”

The LGBT community who canvassed day in day out sharing their personal stories, with the help of their straight friends and families, woke up on Sunday May 23rd 2015 and got to breathe a sigh of relief, finally accepted as equal in their homeland. A result for equal marriage. Love is in the Éire.



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