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Button and Bly: The Travel Show of Lesbian Women’s Dreams

The Travel Show of Lesbian Women’s Dreams

Button&Bly Travel Show

Lauren Aadland & Christina Bly | Travel Vloggers | Los Angeles, CA

Button and Bly created THE lesbian women’s travel show. We were lucky enough to score an interview with them before they head to Mallorca to film the ELLA Festival…


1. When and why did you decide to start the Button&Bly Travel Show?

January 2014

2. How has it been going up until now?

It’s been going really well! We get emails from women all over the world, telling us how we have changed their lives and inspired them to venture out and travel and explore!

3. Which trip did you enjoy the most? Were there any trips that you didn’t feel comfortable being openly lesbian women?

It’s hard to pick a favorite honestly. Each destination has it’s history and charm. Some part of Eastern Europe have been a little less comfortable as far as being openly gay. Although nothing bad has really ever happened to us while traveling.

4. Tell us a funny anecdote from one of your trips.

Along our travels there were multiple moments of something weird or funny happening, however one that stands out most of us always getting a laugh out of was our trip to Suttgart Germany. We were in Köln and Bly realized that she had ancestors from Stuttgart and wanted to drop everything and go. We boarded the last train for the night out to Stuttgart with hopes of getting to what we thought was a tiny little German village. We arrived as the sun was rising to realize the hopes and dreams of a quaint little German village was rather a very booming industrial city. The excitement on Bly’s face quickly drained and it has been a laughing matter since.

Button and Bly Travel Show


5. What is your vision regarding lesbian travel and media? Do you think lesbian women need their own platforms and resources?

Yes, of course. When doing research for our trip, we realized that there was very limited sources of information on up to date lesbian travel on the internet. Let alone high quality lesbian travel shows! This is a much needed content and channel.

6. Which country you think is the most advanced in this area?

Hard to say. Stockholm puts a lot of focus on LGBT tourism. So does Amsterdam. We’re sure there are more cities that work actively with this target demographic and we have not yet been in touch with all the visitors board and therefore can’t really assess them all. It is great to see Kristin Hansen and her team and the Palma Tourist Board lead the way in Mallorca too.

7. What do you think lesbian women want when they travel or when they seek for information in order to plan their trip with their girlfriend or with friends?

Not every lesbian will think alike, as we’re all individuals with different interests and needs. That’s why we try and keep a wide variety of destinations and activities in our show. We want to show that there is something out there for every lesbian/LGBT traveler!

Button and Bly Travel Show


8. What do you think about LGBT rights in society?

Some parts of the world are obviously better than others but it is never to be considered equal until all people actually are equal.

9. Do you think LGBT people are represented enough?

Absolutely not. This is a huge part of why we make this show.

10.  What do you think that has to be done to improve the current situation?

Wow, a lot of things! First out, activists and different non profit organizations are doing a great job in putting issues into light. They fight for rights that often are ignored in society. However, it’s crucial to get the large enterprises to understand the importance of equality. Mainstream media and corporations have to start working with LGBT questions actively as well. They have to make sure that their organizations are proactive in these issues. Unfortunately strong financial muscles often equals greater influence, and that’s part of why they’re just as needed in the work for LGBT rights.


11.  When did you announce to your family and friends you were lesbians?

Bly was 18 when she first told her mom. She was pretty fine about it. Especially since Bly’s older sister just had come out a few years earlier. Button came out in college at the age of 20. She told her family, who had a hard time for a very short period before accepting it. Today both their families are big supporters of their show and the LGBT community as well.

12.  Did you have any problem in your personal lives or careers because of your sexual orientation?

No, Lauren thinks it probably has helped her. Production in LA is a very progressive industry so if anything it has been to their advantage.

13.  Would you have any recommendations for LGBT people that are afraid to normalize their sexual orientation in their lives?

Finding a community is very helpful. What’s really important is to just come out. For every person that comes out, they’re contributing to normalize different sexual orientations in society.

Watch them

YouTube: Button + Bly



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