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Behind the Scenes | Ploy Ceebell


ploy ceebell

Ploy Ceebell | DJ | Berlin

5 things not many people know about me

1. What makes me always smile is when my dog smiles at me.

2. I can do a thai rap, ask me to prove it when you meet me!

3. I love my girlfriends eyes

4. When I was younger I performed in a band in Thailand

5. Play the sound of old school hip hop and I will dance forever and ever

Tell us about yourself

What does Ella Festival mean to you?

Be united

Celebrity crush?

My first one was Teri Hatcher

Are you single/or off the market?

Off the market

Favourite LGBT film?

Women Love Women

Whats on your iPod at the moment?

Major Lazer & Mø – Lean On

Can you tell us what one of your tattoos means?

Music is my destiny

Who would you like to see perform at the Ella Festival?

Uh Huh Her

What’s your cocktail of choice?

Moskow Mule

Your favourite place to go clubbing?

Where did you do your first performance?

If you weren’t a DJ/performer etc. what would you be doing?

Music Management

Relationship tips?

Always be respectful




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