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StorkKlinik – a Fertility Clinic in Copenhagen

StorkKlinik for lesbians dreaming of motherhood

Lesbian Mothers fertility treatment

Tell us a bit about how the StorkKlinic started.

StorkKlinik was founded by Nina Stork in 1999. Nina Stork was the first to open such a clinic in Denmark, where she could help single women and lesbians to have children. Many women have since come to the clinic, and there are now nearly 4,700 children born after treatments here.

The clinic has also been performing IVF, ICSI and freezing eggs since 2011 and has been a part of the VivaNeo group since 2015.

Why do women from many parts of Europe travel to Denmark ?

Women choose StorkKlinik because we offer such a high level of service. We are open every day of the year. Our employees answer calls promptly, and as a rule, we answer mail requests the same day. On top of that, we have very short waiting list for treatments. We speak many languages in the clinic and have translated most of our written material.

We have extensive experience with alternative ways to form a family, including Rainbow Families.

We are honest and open minded. We always have time to listen and talk to each client.

The cozy clinic is designed to make you feel comfortable and is located right in the heart of Copenhagen.

How would I get started with a treatment at the StorkKlinik ?

The StorkKlinik receives inquiries by phone or mail. The client fills out our electronic journal on the website and submits hormone tests and any previous records. After assessment by our experienced fertility doctors, we may recommend insemination, insemination with hormonal therapy or IVF. Sometimes we recommend women to consider egg donation.

Who can you help in StorkKlinik ?

We work under the Danish Health Authorities in Denmark and you can receive fertility treatment until the age of 46. We gladly help lesbians and singles.

Which sperm donors can you offer?

At the StorkKlinik you can choose from contactable and non-contactable donors. It is also possible to buy a donor with an extended profile from one of the Danish sperm banks and store semen in StorkKlinik. We have made ​​special arrangements with Danish sperm banks, which benefits our customers in the form of more favorable prices.

At the StorkKlinik it is also possible to bring a donor who you know. The donor should of course be screened for HIV and Hepatitis B and C, as well as get an examination in the clinic.

How do StorkKlinik ensure that customers are able to take care of a child ?

We do a lot of talking to our customers before we begin fertility treatment. Everyone should have a conversation with one of our experienced specialists. We can determine whether the customer will be able to go through pregnancy successfully, and take care of a child.

Are there many women who return to StorkKlinik ?

Yes, we have many who come back for their second or third child. We also often get visits from “our children”, who would like to see the clinic where they were “made”. We have a small stork teddy bear, which we provide to children, and this always makes them very happy. Every year we organize a “Stork Get-together” in June, which all parents and children from StorkKlinik are invited to. It is a happy day with the opportunity to meet others and new friends.

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