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Living it up at the Meliá del Mar

Living it up at Meliá de Mar

Rebeca was the lucky winner at last year’s ELLA festival of 2 nights stay in the luxury hotel Meliá de Mar Hotel.

As she is a bit camera shy (we were a bit cheeky and took this photo of her winning the prize!) she asked if instead of sending photos to share, she could share her experience by writing about it instead ­ so here it is!

If it sparks your wanderlust, need for sun or a bit of well deserved luxury then you can always treat yourself and your girl to a few nights there yourself!

Rebeca :

­”I will send you a photographer” the Ella team said. ­”Argh!!!… well, I am ­ we are ­ too shy for the pics… I’ll write a review instead!” I replied.

So yes. I was really excited to win the prize of two­ night­ stay in this lovely luxurious hotel right here on my own home island of Mallorca. I never win anything!

I am not a luxury kinda girl plus I live here in Mallorca, so sun and beach are not really a novelty but I was couldn’t wait to set off up the road on a luxury mini break and sharing it with a very special lady who is very dear to me!

Though we weren’t going far, we went through the usual, “er, what should we pack?!” girly dilema.

“How are you going to dress up, it is a 5 star hotel, do you even have the right clothes?” Thanks, mum. So we did make a little bit of an effort and from the second I walked into the very swanky reception are, I was happy that for once I paid attention to my mum.

The first thing that struck me is the similarity between the Ella Festival and Melià de Mar ­ passion for excellence in service and attention to detail. Everyone is all smiles and can’t do enough to help. We didn’t feel at all intimidated, which I will admit was a worry and we felt real comfortable being ourselves. “Just like at the festival.” That’s was the thought that kept going through my mind.

I even surprised myself by getting the hang of this luxury thing pretty fast! A bottle of Cava, a beautiful room, breathtaking views of the surrounding sea from our double deluxe vista balcony and the bed was endless! Breakfast felt like it went on for ever, heaven. And ending each with cocktails and a sunset. Incredibly romantic. Oh dear, I could get used to this!

Thanks Ella and Melia!

Rebeca & co



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